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YugDiscovered On: The Feeble Moon of George as ‘The Terror’

Programmed Purpose: Unknown

Property of the trillionaire Ultra-Dame Buggelsheim, Yug is the latest model, bought from the future.

Unfortunately, no one knows what Yug is the latest model of.

At this rate, I have a very slim chance of discovering my purpose before the heat death of the Universe.

Yug was shipped with Vexation Insurance. It is programmed to annoy anyone that is not its owner, and will perform any task asked of it via the most circuitous and frustrating route.

After trimming the delivery Captain’s back-hairs with liquid nitrogen, Yug was jettisoned from its delivery ship before it could reach the Ultra-Dame. After crash-landing on the Feeble Moon, Yug annoyed the locals into developing spaceship engine parts, despite them not being advanced enough yet to make fire.

You think I do not own a heart? You do not know me at all.

Yug can be over-zealous and… ‘invasive’ in attempting to help the crew.

Perhaps it is due to enthusiasm for discovering its lost purpose. Perhaps it takes pleasure in unsettling its new comrades.

Or perhaps it is a robot that has no real feelings.


  • Yug has experimented with being a Therapybot, a Dancing Machine, a Cookbot, a Fashion Consultant, a Neutron-Flow-Polarity-Reversal Unit, a Fridge Magnet, a Bomb Disposal Unit, a Medical Droid and a Smoke Alarm.
  • It chose the name ‘Yug’ from the noise the primitives used to call it, which in caveman-terms would mean ‘The Terror’.


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