William Murphy

The sonnet is DONE! Prepare to face POETIC JUSTICE, Meatheads!

William MurphyAge: 26 Earth Years

Species: Human

Home Planet: Earth (New Norwegia)

Likes: Attention, his Whizzbang, his Spaceship

Dislikes: Benson, Theodore Thunderbolt

The son of the most famous Space Captain in Earth history.

When notorious Patrick Murphy was crushed to death in a giant alien breeding accident, he left his son a spaceship and a metric ton of daddy issues.

Gravity’s GOT ME, Norman!!

William Murphy is obsessed with being a hero. He is fascinated by adventuring through the Universe.

However, he is impulsive, incompetent and emotionally stunted. He is only really comfortable expressing his emotions in life-or-death situations.

I don’t need help being delirious!

Outside of the crew, Murphy’s relationships tend to the very extreme. He is quick to trust, such as with the blatantly evil Friendly Greg and scamming Neurons, but will hold an immediate and eternal grudge at any sign of betrayal.


  • Murphy was expelled from the Dashing and Daring Space Captain Academy a record number of times
  • He has a phobia of planet-sized aliens due to the way his father died
  • Murphy tends to shout Norwegish non sequiturs when in danger. He most commonly uses ‘By the Fjords’, but has also tried ‘Thor’s thunder thighs’, ‘By the blood of the Swedish’, ‘By the delicious fish heads in Lutefisk’, ‘Odin’s empty eyesockets’ and more.


William Murphy  –  Norman  –  Rho Teller  –  Oort  –  Yug  –  Benson 

William Murphy"I'm beyond miffed, Oort! I'm... I'm PEEVED!"Rho TellerOortYugBenson

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