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By the Fjords!

On a future Earth conquered by Norway, Captain Murphy hides in his dead spaceship from the robotic Minders. Timid, balloon-headed Norman is his only hope. Adventure awaits!

Bonus Scene – Ship Log #1 (Social Lubricant)

Norman tries to explain how the ship works (it involves Mayonnaise).


Asteroid Wily, Seediest Stopover in the Quadrant!

In the search for a pilot, the crew must overcome giant Oort, his nefarious parasite, and Dubwarts: aliens that think pop music is an act of war.

Bonus Scene – Ship Log #2 (Personal Grooming)

Oort is cleaned of diabolical parasites.


‘For He is George, and we… are Not!’ The crew finds a distress signal on a swampy moon.

Can they save the primitive Not-Georges from ‘The Terror’? And just how much havoc can a mop cause?

Bonus Scene – Ship Log #3 (How To Insult An Alien)

Rho and Norman share their favourite insults from across the Universe.


The crew lands on planet-sized alien Ozmorb.

Murphy and Rho get drunk to meet a Barfly, an alien invisible to the sober eye. Norman tries to find out why their robot seems programmed to annoy.

Bonus Scene – Ship Log #4 (Lockdown)

Yug is locked in the cockpit for doing something horrible to the Captain.


In the series finale, Murphy’s old rival, the dashing Captain Thunderbolt, stands between the crew and their biggest score.

Can they best his light-up pecs and muscle-bound Testosteroids to reach the Golden Record?

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