Rho Teller

If you HAVE to be stupid, at least let me be stupid for you.

Rho TellerAge: 45 Earth Years

Species: Human

Home Planet: Nimbus, Earth Colony

Likes: Money, Traveling

Dislikes: Authority, Staying Anywhere Too Long

Rho’s past is shrouded in mystery… and hinted illegality.

She claims to have been born on Planet Nimbus, an overpopulated Earth Colony with only 4 hours of sunlight. She also claims to use her money to feed her 16 sisters.

Rho seems lazy and brash, but she is a competent pilot and unsurpassed alien-linguist. She developed a loose moral code after seeing so many different societies and customs.

Yeah, it eats babies. But it’s fine! We ain’t babies!

When she was young and naive, Rho served as a pilot on Patrick Murphy’s spaceship for years. It ended horribly, and she now has trouble trusting people.

Since then she has made a name for herself in the criminal underworld, including a short-stinted ownership of the black market Asteroid Wily.


  • Rho has spoken a myriad of languages, including: performing beat-poetry in Bufoboyese, speaking Gobbledefrench in her sleep, mimicking the mating calls of a Blood-Sucking Octowasp and mastering Gibberese solely from a takeaway menu
  • She has admitted the name Rho Teller is not her real name
  • Rho is is the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet, a reference to her 16 sisters
  • She was once part of a crew that stole Earth’s moon to give to Uranus


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