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‘Space Saga (In Space)’ was written by Danny Dourado, who has a website.

Please don't pick my nose.

He does not have a moustache.




That’s not really a question, even if your voice went up at the end.

What is this ‘Saggy Spice’ thing?

‘Space Saga (In Space)’ is a FREE sci-fi audio comedy/adventure!

It’s a bonkers sit-com. Think somewhere between Guardians of the Galaxy, Futurama and Red Dwarf.

Who’s Answering These?

I’m an alien. Take me to your leader!! Haha, classic.

What’s the best way to see if I’ll like it?

Season 2’s opening episode is the perfect jumping-on point. And the video presentation makes it easier to follow.

If you like that, feel free to go back to Season 1 for some backstory on how the crew met. It’s more amateur than Season 2, but still fun.

Why is this Free?

The show is entirely for fun! It was written and edited by me in my spare time, with art from my talented partner in Australia and voices / music from my talented friends in the UK.

It’s funny, up to a professional standard, and we want people to hear it! We hope you like it!

Where can I get the Episodes?

Listen to them on the Episodes page, or Download them!

You can watch ‘Talking Heads’ videos of the characters on YouTube, or subscribe to the Podcast to listen on the go and get episodes as they come out, or listen to the episodes immediately on SoundCloud.

If you like, you can also download the MP3s straight from this website for later.

Season 1 is 1 hour 30 mins. Each ep is 15 mins. GREAT for hover-car journeys.

Season 2 is 2 hours 45 mins. Each ep is about 24 mins (like a proper sit-com).


What software did you use to make this?

Cubase LE Elements 7 for the audio editing. Adobe Premiere Pro for the videos.

Most sound effects and music are royalty-free from iMovie. Paid sounds are from Soundsnap.com, paid music from Pond5… Except the songs ‘Cosmic Vertigo’ and the ‘Space Saga (In Space) Theme’, which are Kieran Burling’s work.

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