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Episode 1 – Laser Diplomacy (PILOT)

Laser DiplomacyBy the Fjords! On a future Earth conquered by Norway, Captain Murphy hides in his dead spaceship from the robotic Minders. Timid, balloon-headed Norman is his only hope. Adventure awaits!

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BONUS SCENE – Ship Log #1

Social Lubricant

Norman tries to explain how the ship works (it involves Mayonnaise).

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 Episode 2 – Genuine Mob Experience

Genuine Mob ExperienceAsteroid Wily, Seediest Stopover in the Quadrant! The crew must overcome giant Oort, his nefarious parasite, and Dubwarts: aliens that think pop music is an act of war.

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BONUS SCENE – Ship Log #2

Personal Grooming

Oort is cleaned of diabolical parasites.

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Episode 3 – Heroes & Not-Georges

Heroes & Not-Georges‘For He is George, and we… are Not!’ The crew finds a distress signal on a swampy moon. Can they save the primitive Not-Georges from ‘The Terror’? And just how much havoc can a mop cause?

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BONUS SCENE – Ship Log #3

How To Insult An Alien

“THAT’S accusing someone of being aroused by bubbles.”

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Episode 4 – Trust… & Moon-Sized Loins

Thumbnail4Moon-SizedLoinsPlanet-sized alien Ozmorb. Murphy and Rho get drunk to meet a Barfly, an alien invisible to the sober eye. Norman finds out why their robot seems programmed to annoy.

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BONUS SCENE – Ship Log #4

LockdownYug has done something horrible to the Captain. While locked in the cockpit, Yug and Benson share their robot knowledge.

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Episode 5 – Cosmic Vertigo (FINALE)

Cosmic VertigoMurphy’s rival, the dashing Captain Thunderbolt, stands between the crew and their biggest score. Can they best his light-up pecs and muscle-bound Testosteroids to reach the Golden Record?

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