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Ep. 1 Scum of the Universe

BOUNTY HUNTERS! The crew must escape Cyborg Gnomes, Space Mounties (from Space Canada) and more. But can they trust their new ally, the sinister Friendly Greg?

MP3 (27.5mb, 23:43) DOWNLOAD >>


Ep 2: Beastly Behaviour

MP3 (29.6mb, 25:18)


Ep 3: Wisdom and Widdelnauts

MP3 (30.6mb, 26:07)


Ep 4: Mind Heist

MP3 (28.7mb, 23:43)


Ep 5: Programmed to Fail

MP3 (33.1mb, 28:23)


Ep 6: The Murphy Legacy

MP3 (41.5mb, 35:42)