I recommend a 5 minute nap! I shall douse you all with sleeping gas!

BensonActive Period: 8 Years on Earth [New Norwegia].

Ship Role: The Ship

Programmed Purpose: Physical and Mental Servicebot

As a service bot, Benson has an unhealthy amount of enthusiasm and a never-ending supply of motivational music.

In its original ball-form, Benson can clean vigorously, dispense NutriSlurry and other necessary physical needs. It still enjoys spraying things with bleach as a spaceship.

It also specialises in social lessons and mental health improvement, which it tries nonstop on Murphy due to the Captain’s self-imposed 3-year isolation.

Bounty hunter attacks are perfect bonding exercises!

Benson becomes the new AI of Patrick Murphy’s old spaceship. Though this should go against its programming to keep Murphy safe, constant danger seems to be when the team gets along best, so Benson actively seeks out trouble.

As the ship, Benson has expanded its services to the entire crew, whether wanted or not, as it considers the team to be part of Murphy’s mental wellbeing.


  • Benson is the latest model in a long line of service bots that have contributed to the Murphy household. It was a birthday present for Murphy’s 18th birthday.
  • Benson’s current voice is actually on a ‘male’ setting.


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