Aqua Glob – Dubwart (S1)

Aqua Glob

While born mostly shapeless, the creature enters metamorphosis and emerges as anything that the mind focuses on.

Given this unique power, a large part of the populace naturally transformed into rude gestures, alien genitalia, and funny one-off jokes that seemed ridiculous without context mere months later.


A species Humans can only see and hear at a very specific level of intoxication.

Barflies are a species of alien that vaguely resemble human-sized Earth flies.

However, they exist in a part of the visual spectrum not usually available to the human eye, and speak at a pitch out of range of the human ear.

Barflies do not have the same problem sensing humans, and could be present in the same room at the same time without the human ever knowing. Most humans who know this about Barflies are rightfully anxious for the rest of their lives every time they go to the bathroom.

Luckily, an accurate dose of alcohol will trick both eye and ear into allowing a human to communicate with a Barfly. This has naturally led most Barflies to hate humans, as they only ever talk to the incredibly drunk ones.

Bicep Behemoth

Their two hearts are directly linked to each bicep, and must be manually pumped by flexing. If ever a Behemoth is not flexing one arm, it will die.

Surprisingly, rather than dying out overnight, the species became the dominant lifeform on their planet, as they had to work out constantly or die.

Bicep Behemoths have the most sophisticated Gym Membership plans in the Universe.


The single most disgusting species in the Universe.

When the first civilisations began to cross the stars and meet, they universally agreed that each new species they came across was more disgusting and offensive than the last.

To make sure this did not happen again, a group of scientists set about creating the single most disgusting and offensive species imaginable, so that every other civilisation after it seemed better in comparison.

The Universe has since been forever stained by the existence of the Bladderpedes, creatures so offensive to all of the senses that even other Bladderpedes could not stand to be around each other.

The creatures volunteered to be jettisoned into the darkest corners of space where no light would show their horrible forms. It is said they live peacefully and happily in the void of space, finally unable to smell themselves.

Blood-Sucking Octowasp

Commonly mistaken for the Gore-Slurping Hectabee.

"I'm beyond miffed, Oort! I'm... I'm PEEVED!"


Bufoboyants have developed along a very peaceful line. They have never technically had a war, the closest being the Grim Passive-Aggressiveness that lasted for fourteen centuries over a poorly-trimmed hedge.

A Bufoboyant is a humanoid alien with blue, translucent skin and a bulging, balloon-like head (e.g. Norman). They are found on the planet Fedolphus. As a species, Bufoboyants are physically weak, unfailingly polite and extremely timid.

Bufoboyants speak Bufoboyese, which requires steady inflation of the head-sacs to make the right pronunciations. They have a strong poetry scene that is physically intensive due to the required sac-work; it is seen as the national sport.

The Fedolphus culture was dramatically transformed with the arrival of Humanity. The entire population voted overwhelmingly to offer polite assistance to their new neighbours, and everyone instantly quit their jobs to become a kitten-breeding colony. A ‘Cuteness Economy’ took hold overnight.

They are thus one of the few types of aliens to have any sort of positive relationship with Humanity.


It all went wrong when the Dubwarts received their first broadcast from an alien race. The entire species was treated to their first experience of pop music, old radio waves from a distant galaxy.

They instantly declared war on the entire Universe.

Considering the music to be the most perfect form of torture they had ever heard, Dubwarts took it upon themselves to master the devastating art of pop music and send it right back out to every species they could. They invented space travel solely to send out their Boy Band War Parties.

Unfortunately for the Dubwarts, no other species recognised the pop music as painful torture (though many gave them subpar reviews). It has become an unspoken rule to pretend that you are in pain while listening to a Dubwart, as a surprising amount of the Universe is full of cheapskates needing an evening’s free entertainment.

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