Megamoeba – Undulon Gigas (S1)


Megamoebas are human-sized single-cell organisms. Most species blame their evolution on the wildly unimaginative primordial soup that gave birth to them.

Megamoebas reproduce by splitting and are asexual, though the wealthier ones have been known to buy multiple genders for themselves as a form of social one-upping.

Ultra-Dame Buggelsheim is the most famous and wealthy Megamoeba.


A species that worships the gas planet in their sky. After naming it George, they realised that they too needed a name and insisted on being called Not-Georges.

The Not-George aliens resemble floating jellyfish, with long tentacles for basic manipulation and no discernible facial features. They are 99% water, and physically weak creatures.

The Not-Georges are a primitive species from the swamps of the Feeble Moon. Their orbit occasionally brings them past the other Moons of George, so they are aware of other species existing, though they are deeply mistrustful of them.

While simple in culture and science, the Not-Georges’ progress was significantly sped up by the arrival of ‘The Terror’, a robot that terrorised the Not-Georges with petty acts of annoyance.


Humanity discovered their planet and considered it lifeless for a long time. In fact, the Oozelords were just very good at pretending they weren’t home.

The Oozelords’ greatest pride as a species is that they have managed to trick humanity into thinking that their flatulence is how they communicate. Their next step is to evolve the means to laugh to further spite them.

Solar Shrimp

Solar Shrimp are a species so unfortunately delicious that even herbivores are known to give them a go.

When stressed, Solar Shrimp will start fusing hydrogen atoms like small suns. This is when they are at their most tasty. And painful.


When a dog and a squid fall in love

In sea below or on land above…

Our canine friend might make a wish

And transform into a dogfish

Then frothing and bubbling, look! It’s here!

Cover your eyes and shriek in fear!

An abomination rises from the drink

Wagging its tail and squirting its ink

The Squidhound is born, king of land and sea

It’s coming for you; and it’s coming for me-SRLNLHCNROGIHHPopljf-squirt-squirt-BARK



Loves long walks on the beach.


Testosteroids are incredibly strong aliens. Pure testosterone runs through their veins, making them aggressive, dim and cursed to always fail mandatory drugs tests.

They are 10 feet tall, with glowing blue veins and squashed, jowly faces.

Testosteroids are so dense that they have not even figured out that their planet is orbiting a sun yet; they simply forget that there is a sun, and are usually horribly alarmed when morning comes.

Despite this, they somehow managed to leave their planet and develop space travel. All of their spaceships are pedal-powered. They are that strong.

Captain Thunderbolt managed to manipulate some Testosteroids with his Aura of Importance, and uses them on his ship, the Nova King, as an alternative to peaceful resolution.

OortUndulon Gigas

The fact that the Undulon Gigas exists is in itself a miracle. They are one of the few species known to have evolved on a gas giant.

Oort, at 12 feet tall, is small and young; how large the species can really get is a mystery, like many other things about them.

An Undulon Gigas will spend its entire life being flung about in the constant storms of Undulon. They are covered in an immense diamond-like exterior due to being hardened by the pressure.

Undulon Gigas culture is almost non-existent. While the average Gigas is friendly enough, they only ever rarely bump into one another on the planet, and are soon flung away again. It took many years to banish Oort, as many of the Gigas had to figure out who was in charge and what they were doing every time they crashed into one another.

Because of this, the species never made it to space travel on their own. They were discovered by their neighbouring planet and became a wanted commodity as hired muscle.

Aqua Glob to Dubwarts

Erumpus Rex to Hypocritical Hippo Critters

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