I’m not really a fan of ‘nature’. You can’t optimise it.

"I'm beyond miffed, Oort! I'm... I'm PEEVED!"Real Name: ‘Great of Face’

Age: 8 Fedolphus Years, 22 Earth Years

Species: Bufoboyant

Home Planet: Fedolphus, Earth Colony

Likes: Holoccordion, Enclosed spaces

Dislikes: Cats, Sharp Objects

Norman is unfailingly polite and gentle-hearted. He is incredibly skilled at spaceship maintenance and joins the crew as Ship Tinkerer.

As a Tinkerer, Norman is naturally curious. Despite his near-constant state of fear, he finds life on the spaceship exhilarating.

I’m beyond miffed! I’m… I’m PEEVED!!

Norman has a crippling hatred of cats as his home-planet, Fedolphus, is a kitten-breeding colony. He learned to play Holoccordion because the cats hated it, and takes off-planet work wherever possible.

Norman tends to get frustrated when away from the comforts of modern life. He also gets dizzy when too excited.


  • A running joke is that Norman is not sure what trees are. The only vegetation on Fedolphus are fake hedges, trimmed into pleasant garden displays.
  • Yug has calculated that Norman is most likely to die due to ‘Poisoned Milk’, which is all the more confusing as Norman does not even know what milk is.


William Murphy  –  Norman  –  Rho Teller  –  Oort  –  Yug  –  Benson 

William Murphy"I'm beyond miffed, Oort! I'm... I'm PEEVED!"Rho TellerOortYugBenson

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